November 15, 2008

Dublin, Ireland: Steven's Green

Upon our return from the Powerscourt Estate, Rocket Man and I attempted to go to the Dublin Writer's Museum. By the time we walked up there, it was so close to closing time that we wouldn't have been able to absorb the massive amount of information contained within. Instead, we visited the Garden of Remembrance, which is located directly across the street from the Museum.

We also had some fun in one of the many everything Irish you well know.

We then decided to walk over towards Stephen's Green by way of Grafton Street, the main shopping street in the city. We had visited Stephen's Green the day before, but in a much different state of mind. If you recall, we had eaten lunch at Ely Wine Bar, complete with a bottle of wine. It was some very good wine and we were feeling the effects of it as we walked to the Green. In fact, Rocket Man was so...happy...that he decided to call his brother.

The reason for the call? Well, for his birthday I had given Rocket Man a Swatch watch. He very strongly felt the need to call his brother in order to say:

"Synchronize Swatches!"




Yeah, I dunno...


Grafton Street, though pretty full of people, had some interesting sights. This one of a side street was nice:

The flower vendor photo is a good one, though I've posted this one before. It's been awhile, so here it is again:

At the south end of Grafton Street one will run into the corner of Stephen's Green. Across the street from the Green is this fabulous group of buildings:

I especially love the tall skinny one.

Then there was the center of the Green itself. Honestly, after being at Powerscourt all day, Stephen's Green was a little less wonderful than we had hoped. I am quite certain this is only because we had seen such beautiful gardens all day long. My suggestion to any who plan to visit Dublin: visit Stephen's Green before you head out to somewhere like Powerscourt; you'll appreciate it more that way.

Regardless, it is a beautiful space within the city.

At the northeast corner of the Green is this...sculpture? I found it quite interesting, and had to have a photo.

It serves as an artistic gate to the Green. Just on the other side of it are these buildings, covered in ivy.

They remind me of a university town...

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