November 19, 2008

Dublin, Ireland: Christchurch Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral is connected to Synod House, and therefore Dublinia, via a bridge. We crossed over after viewing the Viking World exhibit and entered the church. The floors, like Saint Patrick's had fabulously intricate tiles:

The details within this cathedral were excellent. To me, it seemed like it was less "old" than Saint Patrick's, but it could just be that things had been taken care of a little better in Christchurch. The baptismal font is very ornate and colorful. It is decorated with marble from all over the country, and each different color is a separate piece of marble:

Another fabulous work or art is the pulpit with its green and red/brown marble columns and stone carvings of the writers of the gospels:

I have photos of organs in every cathedral and church that I've visited...I just haven't been showing them to you all since I imagine that most of you are not quite as interested in them as I am. Here is the one in Christchurch:

Below the main floor of the cathedral is the crypt, where, along with some people being buried (as expected), rare books and treasures of the cathedral are housed (unexpectedly...perhaps).

We left the cathedral after our tour of the crypt and as it was turning out to be a beautiful day, I had to get a shot of the front of the building. It is quite impossible, to me at least, to get a shot of the whole thing. I imagine this is because of the seamless connection between the cathedral, bridge and house - they all look like one huge building - so this will have to do:

Up next: Dublin caslte (exterior) and a shot of Christchurch Cathedral at night.


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