November 16, 2008

Oh, the cuteness...

It was finally chilly enough here in the southwest to wear *gasp!* warm clothing.

Rocket Man and I opted for sweatshirts today, but Little Miss Itty Bitty, she needed a hat:

Oh, she thinks she is something special in that hat.

I am not sure she even knows she is wearing one.

We were out and about this evening and she had a brief snooze in the car just before her normal bed time. This provided her with quite the energy boost. It lasted about twenty minutes, but oh were they well spent.

First she rolled onto her stomach. Then she commenced squealing and screeching and blabbing and (just about) causing the dog to pass out from the excitement.

Oh. So. Hard. To. Stay. Away. From. The. Little. One.

It took him all twenty minutes to think that phrase, people. I saw the words slowly seep from his tiny head.

She then decided to go after the one true love of her life.

Do you see the look in her eyes? That is (crazy) anticipation if I've ever seen it.


Oh, hands, how I love thee.

Needless to say, LMIB was slightly amusing and terribly cute this evening.

Just had to share so you can all join in the baby-induced melting.


Brianne said...

Love the hat of course. I'm sure you noticed we're quite the hat family also.

Britney said...

OMG, the first and last photos are too freakin' adorable!!!!