November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last Sunday afternoon we carved our jack-o-lantern. It was as much of a family affair as it can be with a dog and an almost five month old as participants.

Perhaps my favorite photo of the evening is this one of the innards:

Mmmm, pumpkin guts. I remember having to do this as a child and hating it. Mostly because it is oh so slimy in there. I completely understand why Mom insisted that we do our own pumpkins, though...cause as soon as Clementina is old enough, she'll be doing hers. Icky, sticky, and ewww.

Apologies for the blurry photos. I used the macro setting for the guts shot and then forgot to change it back. The story of my life.

Whaaaa? That doesn't even make sense.

Now THAT is the story of my least these days.

Notice how both the child and the father are in this photo. Because we are attempting to document our First Halloween (why? I'm not really sure, as the child is not much into it...being only zero...).

And now take note of me, channeling the Hunchback of Notre Dame (not my costume, but: Muahahaha anyway) while I carve...and the child's...feet. Awesome. LMIB, you will soon discover that your Dad has a difficult time getting whole people into photos. Although, usually the feet are the part he cuts out of them, least this time there they are!

Lovely. Indeed. I am goofin' for the camera with the first successful punch-out: an eyebrow.

Everyone together now: Oohhhh...Aahhhh...

Cooper's participation is noteworthy. He is a tired doggy because of walking and then all of that scooping and scraping and then the punching and cutting. Shew! It is enough to wear a lones out I tell you!

And there you have it: our jack-o-lantern. I'll attempt to take a photo tonight when he is lit up and spooky. I also hope to remember to take photos of us in our costumes. You know, because Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl is OH SO excited about Halloween and dressing up and OH, THE CANDY...

She has no idea...

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