November 4, 2008

Powerscourt Estate: Italian Garden

Ahh, the lovely Powerscourt Estate. Really, it is the lovely Powerscourt Gardens as the building itself, though once beautiful, was ravaged by fire immediately after its completion.

Luckily, the gardens themselves have been preserved. There are many different gardens on the grounds, complete with trees from all over the world as well as influence from the same.

When we left the house we were greeted by the most grandiose of the lot, the Italian Garden.

Statues and urns not unlike those you might find in Italy lined the top of the hill where the house ended and the garden began.

Straight down the center of the garden is a pathway that is flanked by a huge staircase with two symmetrical (of course) sets of stairs. About halfway down the stairs is a platform with a pattern made by smooth river stones:

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you can look back at the fountain that the case contains:

On either side of the central path were very groomed gardens like this one:

Beautiful, but not my favorite of the gardens by far.

For the rest of our Powerscourt experience, stay tuned to the blog; I'll have more posts in the days to come!

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