November 4, 2008

Georgetown, Texas

Remember Ike? Boy, he was fun wasn't he?

A recap: we had already planned to head over west of Austin to Horseshoe Bay for some relaxing, etc. sans doggy avec infant. Instead we were avec doggy and well as everyone from the greater Houston/Southeast Texas area.

A fine time was had by all.

Plus, they didn't charge us for needing the much larger apartment because we had the dog with us.

So thanks for that; we appreciate it.

We spent the following seven days in a La Quinta up near Georgetown, Texas. Aside from the fact that we were in a one-room-with-the-sink-in-it deal with one bed for the three of us and no sound-proofing for the dog (wonderful), it was alright. By the third or fourth night we figured out that if we left the television on with a really low volume then for some reason Cooper wouldn't bark at every.single.thing.all.night.long.

RTC had to have a bath in the sink the first day we were there. This would be the last real bath she had there since basically they didn't clean the room from that day until we left a week later.

Which is gross.

On day two or three, we found a fabulous place to eat breakfast:

We did not have the redneck plate, though it was tempting. Instead we had pancakes and eggs and omelets and the like. They had pretty decent coffee and they loved LMIB. These days, who doesn't?

One weekend (Rocket Man still had to work all week, so he was on the phone and computer...did I tell you the hotel had free wireless in the dirty room?...all the time. Some things aren't different just because of Ike.) we drove into Georgetown to spend an afternoon. We had been by there in the middle of the week to do laundry at the U-Wash-M laundromat and had decided that we wanted to come back if we had the time.

The old town surrounds courtyard square. The courthouse is there of course, with its excellent dome:

Surrounding the building is quite a bit of green space that has some huge shade trees.

Those buildings you see past the tree are storefronts that as far as I know have been restored to look as they did "back when". They now house completely different shops of course, like an art gallery, an antique store, a chocolate shop and the Loading Dock, which I assume is a great college hangout.

The buildings are really interesting, and I love all of the colors used on their exteriors. I also love that the front is so very different from the sides and back. See that gray area on the building below? That would be what is really holding it up.

And these rusty stairs? All of the buildings have these on the sides. I love the juxtaposition of the obviously old and functional and the new shiny façades.

Down a block from the square we found this old church. Like my mother, I like old tiny churches. I also like graveyards, but that is another story. Note the beautiful day; the sky was so blue and the humidity is lacking in Austin (thank goodness) so we had an absolutely lovely day to explore Georgetown.

The church is now the Grace Heritage Center, owned and operated by the Georgetown Heritage Society. I bet you can get married there if you'd like. If I went to university in Georgetown and met my person there, then I'd want to get married there if I could.

I mean look at it:

The ceremony would have to be smaller than mine was, though...

Then you could just throw a massive party somewhere else.

Down the street from the church is the old theatre, which was playing The Producers. Appropriate for a college town. We were going to attempt to come back and get a photo of the place all lit up at night, but we didn't make it. I didn't have a tripod with me, so it is probably best that I didn't attempt a night photo.

We peeked into a store or two while we were down there, but we couldn't look for long since we had the dog with us (he enjoyed our walk around Georgetown immensely). We weren't allowed to leave him at the hotel alone, so he went everywhere we did that week. Talk about doggy heaven; he got so many rides in the car he was about to explode from the excitement of it all.

We went back to the hotel for a bit and rested up from the day outside. Later that evening, we went back out for dinner. We had noticed an Italian restaurant, Romeo's, on the corner in courtyard square, so we decided to try it out. They were supposed to have live music that evening and we know RTC likes her Dad's mouth-trumpet, so we figured she would enjoy the jazz group that was going to play.

We had some lovely food complete with white-wine sangria. It was okay, the sangria, but I much prefer the recipe I was given from some people in Spain.

LMIB had a fun time indeed. We just let her lay on the the booth beside her Dad while we eat and talk. Occasionally we pay her some attention as well, and by we I mean he:

She only enjoys that a little bit, don't you think?

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Tessa said...

Great photos! We're doing a road/plane trip through the States next year and your fab photos have prompted me to put Georgetown on our list!