November 13, 2008

12 of 12 November

It is time once again for 12 of 12. Credit goes to Chad for the idea; thanks again.

All photos were taken in the greater Houston area.
That'd be Texas, y'all.

00:30 - Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl woke up to eat.

05:48 - Ditto.

06:25 - Rocket Man leaves for work.
Also, synchronize swatches!
[Explanation coming soon to Certain Caesura.]

08:22 - Blogging Ireland.

09:52 - Good riddance.
Returned useless cable boxes.

11:33 - RTC and her new friend.
Everyone together now: Awwww.

13:20 - Lunch. That says Potbelly
Apologies for the terrible photo.

16:44 - Awake from our itty bitty nap...
maybe half an hour long.

17:21 - Ready to go walking.

18:29 - On the webcam with Guga.

19:40 - Shhhh, Daddy.
Don't tell Mom; I'm slobbery.
And tired.

20:02 - Trying to sleep.
It's tough with the little one causing all that ruckus.


Anonymous said...

I love Potbelly sandwiches, yummmy! Too bad I can't eat them anymore. Cute pictures. When I finally get a second to breath I'll email and catch you up.


Rebecca said...

That picture of RTC and her friend - TOO cute!

Pete said...

I wish my webcam gave as good a display as that!
And very much AWWWW too, very nice pics CC!