November 7, 2008

Powerscourt Estate: Walled Garden

Up the hill from the Pet Cemetery was the Walled Garden. Just before we entered it we stopped to sit for a moment in front of this fountain:

We then entered the walled garden via this trumped up gate:

It reminds me of the gates at all of the royal places we visited in London.

Then there was this fountain:

I guess a garden isn't a garden without some fountains.

Inside the walled section were the most fabulous plants all blooming like crazy. The plants were truly beautiful.

Once again there were some grassy areas with a couple of flowerbeds in the center of them. I love the bright colors of the blooms. And yes, the grass was really that green.

It is Ireland.

Here are the beds that I really loved; those that appear to be a tad bit haphazard, but really are planned and look fabulous and messy all at the same time:

I have oh so many more photos of this garden, but honestly they don't do is justice. I suppose that you'll just have to take my word for it.

Tomorrow: up close and personal with the Powerscourt Gardens...

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