February 21, 2011


While in Seoul, South Korea last July for pregnancy-related medical things, we took some photos of some sculptures and buildings near our hotel:

One building across the street from our hotel had this huge circle-thing.

In front of the coex mall there were a few installations...

Like this one.

And this one.

What kind of character thinks up these things anyway?


For...your viewing pleasure, I suppose?...two photos of the family:

Crazy-blurred two-year-old.

The family, all full of hope and promise after a good doctor visit.

All to be destroyed forever sixteen weeks later.


Mandy said...

Great photos. Love your blog, I used to read it all the time when I was blogging about a year ago... not sure if you remember me, but I am back to blogging again now, with a new blog :)

Rae said...

Love the pictures, jealous, so want to go to south korea,seoul. Again sorry for your loss.