February 9, 2011


I've heard that choices can define your character. In some instances, I agree. In others, I believe it can be as simple as how you react that defines your character.

It all depends, really.


Today we chose to go to the Melbourne Zoo.

Therefore we chose to wear sunscreen.

We are not burned and that, my friends is a wonderful thing.

We chose to eat breakfast at McDonalds. Miss Thing enjoyed a cheese muffin, banana and some potato. The cashier chose to look at me like I'm crazy when I asked for cheese only...and like I'd just turned my hair purple right on the spot when I asked for milk. I chose to ignore her and drink water instead.

We chose to take the tram to the zoo instead of the train. We saw a bit of the city and Miss Thing really enjoyed the view.

There were all sorts of interesting things at the zoo, both living and not. I chose to let Miss Thing look at whatever interested her. This "Fountain, Mama!" was a hit.

These pelicans chose to ignore Miss Thing when she demanded that they say "Caw, caw!" I chose to inform her that I am fairly certain they do not say such a thing.

So she chose to demand that they say "Tweet! Tweet!"

There were live seals at the zoo, but Miss Thing chose to play in the sand with these sculpture versions instead.

This meant that we had to clean her shoes out later on, but she really enjoyed petting and hugging them...something she certainly could not do with the live ones.

The Elephant area was fabulous indeed, especially all of the village type buildings. Miss Thing chose to ride on the grand-daughter of the elephant trek exhibit. No, really, they were labeled and this one is the grand-daughter.

We chose to eat lunch after the elephants so that Miss Thing would not have to act like a looney tune. Then we headed to the Australian animals and saw the kangaroos. Unfortunately for her, there were no joeys.

One of the last animals we visited before we left were the Koalas. Miss Thing was fascinated.

I chose to get Miss Thing an animal from the gift shop. I tried very hard to convince her that a Koala would be best. She looked at it and chose no. She then looked around and set her sights on a Meerkat. This was all well and good until she saw some tiny animals in a bin. "Mama, I want that one!" "This one?" "No, THAT one." "Which one?" "The one with the TAIL!"

Miss E? She chose a camel.

No, there weren't any camels at the zoo today.

I chose to go with the flow and get her the camel. As you can see, it was a very good $3.00 investment.


Britney said...

Great post!!!!!

And yes, it's both the choices we make AND our reactions that define us. Depends on the situation.

Love you guys. Keep the posts coming. Hope you're having a fab time Down Under!

EG said...

Okay, I haven't been reading very long to know your whole story, but I thought you were in Russia. With snow?