February 14, 2011

A Country's Character

I was at a loss today on character...and then: AHA!  A large part of Australia's character comes from all of the immigration that has taken place over the years and hellooooo, we went to the Immigration Museum on Saturday.

The museum itself was very interesting, from what I gathered.  You see, I am the Mama and therefore I don't really get to read a whole lot of the information for each exhibit.  I read enough to keep Miss Thing interested and then we must move alone.  I am sure Matt can tell you much more about it than I.

You know, if work things haven't pushed that info out of his head yet...which I am not going to guarantee since he spent all Saturday afternoon working.

Yes, folks, we are not really visiting Melbourne with Matt, but at the same time as he.  He left every day before we woke and came back late, late, late after having diner out with work peeps.

Miss Thing and I were left to our own devices, which is absolutely, completely fine with us - we knew it was that kind of trip.  Just wanted to be sure everyone knew why exactly I wasn't writing about him at all.  Still love him and all that jazz; he was just working!

One fun-for-kids section of the Immigration Museum was a huge boat-like installment where you could see the traveling conditions over the years.  The first photo was a state room of some sort and this latest one is of the more modern, yet less comfortable in some regards, mode of ship-travel.  Miss Thing liked them both, but since this one has tiny ceramic animals at each bunk, it kinda won out.

Please excuse the hair; we are immediately post-nap here.  Avec lolli.  Which the lady at the Opal Museum/Shop gave her for being patient.  I would not so much call it patient as not ear-splittingly loud, but to each their own.

The opal is the state stone and there were a billion to choose from, from dark opals to boulder opals to the above light opals.  Australia produce some massive amount of the world's opals - something along ninety percent or so.  It was interesting to see the opalized dino fossils, etc.

I am pretty sure that was the only part Miss Thing liked about that store.

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Rebecca said...

Great pictures Paige! It looks like Miss Thing is really enjoying herself! Looks like a great time - I especially like the bunch of little animals she picked as a souvenir. Thinking of you!