February 16, 2011

... ... ... ...

Let's see.

Miss Thing went from being a champion sleeper (attributed to finally being home and knowing it) to a let's-not-go-to-sleep-and-whine-and-cry-about-it-for-over-an-hour non-sleeper last night (attributed to some molars methinks).

Then I spent an unknown amount of time completing some homework for class here in Olympia.

We went to bed and I thought it was maybe 9:30 or so.

This makes no sense whatsoever (see above).

I was reading Tai Pan in bed for a while before going to sleep.

When I finally decided to look at the clock it was almost 3:20am.


And after I thought Holy smokes!, turned the light off and closed my eyes, my non-sleeper began act fifteen of her non-sleeping performance.

So basically I didn't get to sleep until at least 4:30am.

And then the sleep that occurred was the kind with a toddler in your bed because yes, it was that kind of night.

It was either that, or no sleep for anyone, and I chose sleep, thanks.

What am I trying to say?

I don't have a post for you today.

My apologies.

Hopefully the sleep-monster will spend some time at someone else's home tonight.

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