February 12, 2011

Full of Character

Yesterday we spent our morning at the Melbourne Aquarium.  The main attraction is the penguin visit, and everyone gets to see them right off the bat.  As we were a little later starting our day, we were lucky enough to be there just as they were finishing up with feeding time.

Miss Thing has a penguin, given to her by her Guga, that was her very first "I must have it to sleep!" item.  It looks exactly like these penguins:

Full of food...and ourselves.
I must say that for an animal, penguins sure do have a lot of character.  As in I believe they are quite full of themselves.  Or at least they appear to be.  I can see why full-feature films have been made about / casting them.

Not so sure about you two...
The exhibit shows them in their cold habitat, complete with swim area.  There was one that was attached to a man standing at the viewing window.  It kept swimming up to him and playing with his hair...or trying to at least.  It just wouldn't leave him alone.  Then there was the above penguin, who kept swimming back at us, casting a suspicious eye.

"Swim, swim!"
Of course, since I was the human with the little human who just had to pretend to be swimming right there in the aquarium, I can hardly blame him.

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