December 16, 2008

Beep! Beep!

I heard it for more than an hour.

A very loud and echo-y beep! beep!

I walked all over the house and stood still in every room to listen.

In the office, it sounded like it came from the living room/kitchen.

In the kitchen, like it was upstairs.

Upstairs, it was clear that it was downstairs.

I called our alarm monitoring company to be sure it wasn't them.

I checked the smoke detectors.

I unplugged and turned off everything I could think of.

Finally, I decided to go for a walk to escape the sound and think about what it could be.

I even considered that it was coming from outside...

While getting ready to go outside, I moved LMIB in her stroller into the kitchen to grab a granola bar.

Yup, I hadn't even eaten yet today.

It beeped again, and sounded like it was right. there. next. to. me.

Um - it was.

I keep my cell phone in the cup holder on the stroller.

Apparently, when its battery is slim to none on charge, it beeps REALLY FREAKIN' LOUDLY!

You're welcome for the laugh!

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