December 13, 2008

12 of 12 December

This month's 12 of 12 was a busy day indeed. All of the photos were taken in my house in Houston, Texas. Thanks to Chad for the idea! Go to his site to see what everyone else did today.

7:31 - On the playmat after waking up this morning. She started at the bottom left corner...

9:23 - Swiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng!

10:02 - Attempting some cereal. She is happy because that would be my finger instead of the spoon.

10:03 - I sneaked the spoon in there once she smiled, and now there's no tricking her. She's D-O-N-E with the cereal this morning.

10:10 - My breakfast. Finally, clementines!!

11:35 - We cooked! Mmm.

12:25 - I've been cleaning the house today. Lookee how shiiiiiiiiiiiny.

13:39 - I ate some lunch and watched a recorded Ellen.

13:40 - My dessert. Yummy!

14:48 - Uploaded my photos so far.

15:00 - Our tree downstairs.

19:46 - The bruise, one week in the making.

The bruise, for those who are wondering, is on the left side of my body. I don't take the photos; Rocket Man does. It is a doozy, but fantastic, don't you think? There were other activities today, like lots more cleaning. I didn't think you'd want to see that. Also, we took a walk, had dinner, and wrapped a couple of presents among other things. Not too interesting, but that isn't a requirement thank goodness!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Eliane Zimmermann said...

Hello to Houston, thank you visiting my blog. I love your perfectly symmetrical Christmas tree, our trees are always quite handicapped as they usually come from a would-be-hedge (which we don't like, they were planted by the former owners) And - sorry -but I like your bruise, before I knew what it was I thought about about a piece of (very) modern art... Cheers from Southwest Ireland!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love the expression on her face at 10:03! Priceless!!

Mmmm...Clementines! 'Tis the season, they say.

Thank you for sharing your day!

Zippy said...

The baby is so cute, even after the no cereal face! That bruise is spectacular! Wow. Have a Merry Christmas!