December 5, 2008

A bunch of hooey

Since we've been back in the states, there are quite a few things that surprise us. Not that we didn't know about them before or that we weren't aware of them or anything like is just that we never really paid attention to them enough to see what was going on.

Living in another country exposes you to so much, both wherever you go and wherever you come from. It makes you take a moment to realize what is really happening in terms of your daily life and things that ordinarily you either take for granted or simply don't pay much attention to.

I highly recommend it to everyone who gets the chance.

One thing that we didn't really have in Spain was television. Well, we had about six and a half (don't ask) channels of Spanish television, and the game shows - oh so interesting. Also the commercials - I thought many of them were kinda silly and or dumb.

Then we came back here.

Oh, how our commercials are the same. Silly and or dumb pretty much sums up the lot of them. Either that or they are just a bunch of hooey.

Yup: hooey.

For example: have you seen the Wal-Mart commercial that has a bazillion employees at the check-out lanes flipping the light switches to coincide with a recording of Carol of the Bells?



Excuse me.

It is just that I have never ever in my life (which is only 29 years, but we've had Wal-Marts for about as long as I can remember) seen that many employees at a Wal-Mart ready, willing and smiling even as they wait to help you.

Usually you're lucky to have a couple of people up there when the check-out lanes are slammed, and because of this, the employees are not so smiling. And if they have to turn on a light....jeepers! You might as well get out a sleeping bag and take a nap 'cause you're going to be there a while.

Have any of you ever been to a Wal-Mart like the one in the commercial? Or is that just another tale we tell at Christmastime?

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Britney said...

I used to avoid the Walmarts in RIC like the plague. Even now I have to start preparing myself hours in advance of going to one of them. I once waited 45 minutes to get through the checkout line- and it had only taken me 20 minutes to shop!!!!
Unfortunately I can't deny that I save a TON of money shopping there vs. Kroger. I used to say I'd pay for the convenience of Kroger. Too bad my conscience won't let me get away with that anymore...not to mention my wallet!