December 7, 2008

Cruel, Cruel World Part Two

DISCLAIMER: No Babies Were Involved
in the Creating of This Post


I fell.

Thursday evening.

As I was walking down the stairs to go get ready for bed.

In my hands I held a plate and two dirty diapers.

Boy did I fall.

I slammed onto the stairs full force on one side.

Luckily I was not fully on my back or front as I am fairly certain things would have been broken.

The offended body parts were immediately swollen.

The diapers survived, but that cannot be said of the plate.

I am pretty sore to say the least.

We've been checking the area to see what the bruising will be like since I was immediately certain that it would be pretty fantastic.

Boy is it ever:

The universe, it is laughing at me.

As should be obvious by the shape of that bruise.



Brianne said...


Britney said...

at least you weren't holding E!
feel better soon.
awesome bruise, btw =)