March 5, 2010


Guga and Papa Jim are here.

They arrived this morning via airplane.

I spent the morning...

washing sheets

getting milk and cheerios

turning on MICKEY!!!!!

cleaning the kitchen

hiding all of the stuff we've purchased

feeding the girl-child

and myself

drying the sheets

calling the computer guy to get our printer online

making the bed

checking the flight status

and driving to the airport.

On our way there I asked her who she would see. She responded with "Daddy!!!" I told her that yes, she would finally see her Daddy today, but HELLO, who is coming to give her hugs and kisses (we've only talked about this a bazillion times so far today)...and she thought.

And she thought some more.

Then she declared "Guga!"

And "Pa-Jim!"

I mentioned that they would be coming in on an airplane and she said "YEAH!!"

When we got close to the airport we started seeing HUGE cargo planes taking off, which she LOVED and I hoped wouldn't fall on me cause HOLY SMOKES are they huge when they've just taken off and happen to be RIGHT OVER your car.

Then we spent a couple of minutes whining/complaining/begging for more airplanes.

FINALLY, we saw some more.




So yeah, that last one was strange, but to each her own, right?

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