March 8, 2010

Holy Shopping, Batman!

We've been shopping the last couple of days. Little things that we need for our place in Russia as well as all of the decorative items we want to have in our very neutral home. Rugs - indoor, outdoor and everything in between have been looked at, felt, walked on, and purchased.

Curtains are the bane of my existence.

The list for winter gear has a dent in it. As does my bank account.

We are all exhausted; Miss Thing especially. That is what happens when you push lunch and nap times back more than an hour two days in a row. Thankfully, we only had one minor melt-down and it was remedied with a few crackers. When we all got home everyone took a nap. Unfortunately, she only slept an hour and a half. Normally this would be fine, but with people here and so many things happening, it is not nearly enough. She did sleep another hour with her Guga, so that was nice.

We are going to attempt curtains again tomorrow. Take 24,546,573.

I might just buy the ugliest things we see just to have it done.

Let's hope not.

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