March 21, 2010

Aaaaannnnndddd.....More Shopping!

So I went to my class this morning...for the first time in two weeks. I am a slacker and it showed.

Then we all got ready and headed out to shop for Rocket Man's weather gear for Russia. Oh, and I had to return half of Miss Thing's because she grew and some things just aren't going to fit when we get there. Thankfully they had the clothing in the next size up, so we could get her rain suit and things in the right size.

I think RM can finally see how overwhelming the shopping can be for this move...since he basically turned to me when we got there and said "So what did you buy here?" Um, yeah. I didn't have that kinda help; we were just wandering.

Anyway, he was able to get his rain gear, a pair of boots, socks and a fleece. Then we headed to a ski place and he purchased the warmest coat ever. Apparently he was in danger of sweating in it at the store, so that is pretty warm.

Jason's Deli was our lunch and then home we went so that Miss Thing and I could take a nap. The night-time sleeping, at least for me, hasn't been the greatest lately.

We slept for three hours.


I, for one, should never get to sleep tonight.

We're headed to a neighborhood dinner at a tex-mex restaurant in a few minutes; everyone is getting together to say SEE YA! to us. And by everyone I mean whoever is able to show up. It should be good.

Have I mentioned that Rocket Man has been out of town more since January 1st than he has been at home? And that the trend continues up until we leave?


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