March 20, 2010

Long Time No Write

Howdy, Strangers!

It's been a while.

We've been exceptionally busy here at Casa Crazy Pants so I had to take a break from the blogging. The good news is that we've purchased a lot. The bad news is that it cost a lot. Oh, and did I mention that we aren't done? Oh, yeah. It is tough to keep going with it since I feel like I've made a ton of progress...and yet, there are those things that haven't been covered yet.

Aside from that, things are moving along. The paperwork is being processed for tons of things: visas, health certificates, home sale, and the list goes on. We still have our cars to sell, and that hasn't really begun yet, but since we are most likely going the carmax route, there isn't really much involved.

The dog, he has a home. All of you out there who know him or of him can thank B because thanks to him Senor Cooper shall have somewhere to live. He'll have one person all to himself with some visits from R-Shelly (and he loves her) not to mention the back yard with a fence and some dogs to terrorize.

No, really. He will.

Miss thing knows we are going to Russia. And that Cooper is going to live with "Cooper's B". Apparently that is how it works. Cooper will now own B. Not that Cooper would complain about that distinction. She's always trying to add people to the list of who goes to Russia: "Mama, Daddy, Miss Thing, Guga, Papa Jim RUSSIA!!!" And yes, she shouts the RUSSIA part.

At least she's excited.

I will leave you with a few quotes:

"Uh, oh, Skuttios!" (when something falls)

"I found Mama!" (surely you can figure this one out)

"Mama's HAT!" (when she brings me one of her two cowgirl hats so we are both wearing one)

"Too Tight!" (Whenever something feels different...or LOOKS on her baby doll)

Have I mentioned that she now has a few books memorized and she enjoys reading them? It is too funny.


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