March 7, 2010

And I Quote...


Pfessor! (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, anyone?)

EL-LE-LANT! (While Guga was napping)

I get it!

Wead, Pa-Jim, wead.

Me: What would you like to eat for dinner?
Miss Thing: Lunch!

We've been teaching her that we have to stop the car when the light is red. Usually she demands that we GO! This morning I came to a stop sign and had to wait for some traffic to pass.
Miss Thing: The light is wed.

They were playing music at lunch today. She decided to join in:

While at the rodeo, we went into the petting zoo. There was a rather large goat that was mostly black with a couple of white spots here and there.
Miss Thing (to the goat): Cow! Meoooooooooooo!

Also at the rodeo, there were camel rides. We stopped to show her the camel.
Miss Thing: Horse! Neeeeeeeeeeh!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Awww so cute!!

I remember my daughter used to say FEAF for leaf and called the kitchen the chicken. When you asked her what a doggie said, she's just go "ff fff" and make an F sound. So cute, I love baby/toddler talk!