October 18, 2009


In addition to a slew of strange animals mixed with your everyday farm animals, TGR Exotics had an area full of one of the most fun items ever:

Oh, yes. There were kids bouncing all over the place! Some bounced solo, some bounced with parents, and some even bounced into one another just so they could fall off!

Yes, those were boys doing that last one. I imagine if Jenky and Rocket Man ever had the opportunity then they did the same. In fact, I think they would do it now if given the chance.

Perpetual Motion did not know what to think of the field of bouncy balls, so we showed her how to bounce on them and Rocket Man dribbled one for her.

She was not impressed with either.

She showed us the way to do things, you know, if you're only sixteen months old. Apparently the thing to do is to get behind the ball and bounce/push/roll it.

That is waaaaaaay fun.

It keeps you happy.

Once you've mastered the bounce/push/roll there is really only one thing left to do:

Drag it back so that you can do it all over again!

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