October 22, 2009


My child? She is sick. I am sure you can guess the ailment based on the title of this post. Good times indeed.

It began yesterday evening when, after a perfectly happy and rambunctious visit with Guga on the web cam, she began getting fussy. I thought she was just getting hungry a little early.

Silly me.

In less than thirty minutes her body temp went from normal to four billion gazillion degrees. I am not a medical professional, so yes I am exaggerating a bit. Also, my calculations are directly related to how much holding her made me sweat.


Nothing would calm her down. She did not want to eat. She did not want to drink. She would not could not in a house, she would not could not with a mouse. Every single toy, no matter the size, was suddenly the only thing that would comfort her. Oh, and it was a cumulative comforting, as in we added to our loot as we walked around the house.

Also? None of it worked, so she just kept screaming.

I gave her meds right off the bat, what with the steam rolling off of her body. The first did not do much, so I added the second. While I was waiting for that one to take effect, I put her in a warm bath to try and lower her temperature. Oh, how we all enjoyed that.

I put her in all of her night time regalia and held her in a chair and finally she began to calm down. Much to my relief, we were not holding all of the toys in the house. Then she fell asleep. Right there, in the chair, without dinner or anything to drink. So, I put her to bed and then called the doctor.

The first thing they asked was if I took her temperature and sure I did, but not with any formal thermometer of any sort. Nope, I used my own personal meter and the answer was REACHING IMPLOSION.

Is that even possible? Can something implode from heat? My guess is no, but I am no scientist.

Anyway, the on-call nurse took my info and called my doctor who very promptly called me back, said it was probably the oinky mess that's been going around and to bring her into the office in the morning. In the mean-time, keep the meds in her and check on her through the night.

All of which I did. After a 2.5-hour-plus doctor visit, a nasal test (that came back negative, but probably falsely), a pricked and squeezed finger as well as a urine sample (boy is that fun when you're itty bitty), he told me that it is most likely the oinky mess and prescribed the appropriate treatment.

They didn't have it at the pharmacy.

No kidding.

Luckily, they knew one that did, so it wasn't all that bad, but dude that kinda stunk.

So now we've been home since around noon and she ate fairly well but slept practically none at all. I am fairly certain the medication makes her CA-RAZY 'cause she's never acted like she did this evening.


With any luck we'll all have it in a day or two and boy oh boy, welcome to the fun house!


Brianne said...

Wow, that sounds SCARY! I hope she gets better and you all don't catch it.

Karen said...

She will get better , tamiflu works really well and fast. Good luck through the next 24hours!!!