October 21, 2009

TGR Exotics

In addition to the pumpkins and hayride we enjoyed while at TGR Exotics we were able to see quite a few, well, exotic animals. Some animals were in cages, like the fourth largest rodent (Sorry, there's no photo of that one. You're welcome.), and others were in pens, like the chickens.

Others were behind fences. Kangaroos were hanging out in the shade at the back of an enclosure. Perpetual Motion had quite a view while sitting on her Dad's shoulders:

A joey (baby kangaroo, not college roommate) was being carried around in a bag by different workers. No photos of either as they were difficult to get.

While the kangaroos, along with horses and even the chickens, were nice to look at there were also a few animals that were...interesting rather than nice. This guy, for instance:

Nice teeth, fella.

A few goats were eating grass in one field when all of a sudden the whole group of them took off towards the fence, found a hole in the wire, and escaped! They ran all over the place to the amusement of most of the kids there.

Perpetual Motion's favorite animals, mostly because they were pretty unconcerned about her, were the miniature horses.

They were also just her size. She could walk up to them and pat their sides or poke them in the face; it was fabulous as far as she was concerned. We only had one moment where I really wasn't sure that the horses were going to be okay with her attention. She had been patting them and poking them and was so very excited about it that she was getting more and more vocal as well as louder and louder...and it all escalated into a primal toddler yell of some sort.

One of the horses? It literally froze. As in immobile. From "I could care less" to "Holy crap" in an instant. It slooooowly turned its head to stare her right in the eye and made its judgment: no worries.

We walked all over the two fields of animals that were open. There were a few port-a-potties over near the pumpkin patch and of all the animals to be hanging out in the shade right there...

Oh yeah, a pig. He got up at one point and circled around a bit only to plop right back down in the shade for a nap. There was one other pig that we saw, worth over $3000.00 or some such amount. Apparently he is really rare and very intelligent.

His face, it shows all of that and more:

Oh, so much more.

He wouldn't let anyone get close to him at all and therefore you are missing the best part of him: his belly. That thing was so big and round it almost touched the ground.

Needless to say, Perpetual Motion was not all that impressed with the swine population at TGR Exotics. Well, except for one...

...but he's really small and made of concrete, so I don't thing he really counts.

Tomorrow I'll post some photos of one of her favorite weekend activities. See you then!

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