May 28, 2008

Noticias, Baby Version 3.Very Very Thin

An update on the bambina:

I've progressed a bit on the dilation front as I am now three centimeters. I am holding steady on the effacement - if I went backwards on that one I'd be a bit mystified.

The doctor has scheduled me for Thursday, May 29th at 5:30am. Woot! for early morning travels. No food after midnight - phooey on that one.

My doctor is not at the hospital close to home Wednesdays through Fridays, so we're going to go out west to her other location. For those of you who know, that is out where I used to work, so it is familiar territory. Plus this way I think I have a better chance of having some visitors to welcome her.

Hint, hint.

So that is the plan for now. As far as we know, we'll have a baby on Thursday!


Britney said...

Good Luck! I am excited to hear the news and hope all goes well Thursday :)

Anonymous said...

We are very excited for you! We'll be up early on Thursday so we'll be praying for you, Matt and the baby! Love, Aunt Kathy

Mary Ann Johnston said...

Welcome Back! Thanks so much for the pretty necklace. Debbie gave it to me on Friday. I love the design and colors.I also owe you a thank you for the games somebody got to me. Those are so cool....the kids like playing with them. So the big day is Thursday! How exciting for you and Matt. How do you think Cooper will cope with the new arrival?
Will be waiting to hear....I told Debbie to let me know!
Mary Ann Johnston

Brianne said...

Good luck!

BU said...

Yay! Good luck!