June 13, 2008

June 12 of 12: A Return and An Introduction

I know what you are all thinking: FINALLY!

As usual, I've been a bit busy. Yeah, yeah - I've said that before what with being pregnant and moving overseas and all that move includes...but now I'm busy in a different way. I am sure it will be obvious with this installment of 12 of 12.

Stop by Chad's site to see what everyone else has been doing today.

I introduce to you all Señorita Clementina. Her online persona was chosen simply because I absolutely loved the clementines in Spain. They were fabulous and so is she, so there you go.

Everyone wants to see more photos, so I decided to do a 12 of 12 of her day. Yup, eating, pooping and sleeping are the main items on the itinerary, but there are a couple of other things we enjoy as well:

9:29; Houston, Texas
Good morning! This is me right before I open up my eyes to greet the day.

9:45; Houston, Texas
My uncle was visiting today so I spent some time getting to know him. He already has a couple of little girls, so he knew just what to do with me.

10:24; Houston, Texas
Today I am exactly two weeks old. Right on schedule, I lost my umbilical cord today. Here is my brand-new belly-button.

11:47; Houston, Texas
Ahhhh - a morning nap.

12:28; Houston, Texas
Waking up is so hard to do.

12:29; Houston, Texas
Goodness! Stretching again to wake myself up.

13:18; Houston, Texas
Yay for bright eyes after eating!

13:30; Houston, Texas
Uncle time number two - gotta get the quality time in before he flies home.

14:42; Houston, Texas
My favorite thing to do each afternoon is take a nap with my Guga.

19:07; Houston, Texas
After some food and some awake-time, I fell asleep in Mom's arms.

19:43; Houston, Texas
While everyone else ate some dinner, I provided the entertainment.

21:16; Houston, Texas
More food and I am ready to investigate my surroundings one last time before I go to bed.

So that is a day in the life of la bambina. Hope you enjoyed the photos and hopefully we'll see you again next month!

~ CC


Anna said...

HOORAY AND CONGRATULATIONS!! She is so beautiful! Look at those eyes...

I am so happy for you all and your new family...welcome to the world!

BU said...

Hooray! What a cutie!

She definitely looks like Senor CC!

Brianne said...

Nice work mama! Congrats! How much did she weigh at birth? She looks long and lean!

K.P. said...

She is too cute. I did have to chuckle when there were no posts. Been there and there's no time for blogging in the beginning. :)

You're doing great! Keep up the good work.


Susan said...

aaaaah!!!! makes me want to have a little one myself again!! congratulations and thanks for the look at the life of a baby!!!

Dogeared said...

Wait a minute, ast I saw, you were living in Spain, then vanished, and now you turn up in Texas, having been pregnant and then given birth!

Wow, time flies, huh? Well hello to Senorita Clementina! Gotta get started on 12 of 12ing early, huh? ;-)

Helen (Dogeared, 12er)

Xtina said...

How cute, and I love the name you picked out for her (the real name). It's so pretty!!!