May 17, 2008


A tour for all of you who have been asking!

Front of the house:

Once inside, if you look to your right you will see what is supposed to be a dining room. We won't be using it as one, as you can see. Through that door is the butler's pantry and to the right of that is the laundry room.

If you look to your left once you enter the house, you will see this area. We have purchased some furniture to go on/with that rug, but it isn't here yet so the rug is all you get. That other piece won't be in here once we get the other items.

Walk forward from the front door, pass the stairs, and arrive in the living room. Yup. No furniture. It is ordered as well. Methinks the bambina will arrive before the furniture.

Take a left upon entering the living room and you'll find our master bedroom. This photo was taken prior to the movers arriving; we do have furniture in here.

Connected to that is our master bathroom. Oh, yes. It is fabulous. Tile, tile everywhere...large shower...large bath tub...two sinks and plenty of storage and counter space.

Back at the living room - if you look to the right you will see the kitchen.

The kitchen and living room are open to one another as well as this "breakfast" area. We'll be using it as our all-kinds-of-dining area.

The door to the all-kinds-of-dining area opens up to a somewhat covered patio which leads to...

...the garage! All the men go "ooohhhhh" and "aaaahhhhh". I don't get it, but whatever floats your boat.

Here's a shot of the small fenced-in back yard. We have dogs both behind us and beside us. Good times.

Here's the side yard and the entrance to the garage from another angle.

Remember this? Oh yes, we're back to the front!

Okey dokey. So. If you enter and then go up the stairs you might run into my husband eating pizza. This is sort-of a tradition. We did it when we first moved to Houston - ordered pizza and ate it in our empty apartment - so we decided we should do it again.

This time we had our lones with us...which made for an interesting least for him. HOW EXCITING it was to sniff the whole house and to discover that there are STAIRS in here!

Back to the tour. At the top of the stairs, and open to the rest of the house is what they call a "game" room in Houston. Some might call it a loft, since it is open to everything.

At the top of the stairs, if you take a right, you'll end up in the bambina's bedroom.

If you go left you'll pass a full bathroom and then there are two rooms here. This is one of them (they're practically identical, so no need for more photos). It will be my room to do whatever...and we've painted it a very very light blue color so that it will appear to be lighter in there. Perhaps one day I'll have a photo of that. Perhaps not, so get your imaginations going!

There it is, more or less. Less, really, since these photos were for the most part taken before the movers brought all of our things. We do have furniture in most rooms now, just not the two downstairs that I mentioned. If you come and visit us, you can see it all!

Hope this satisfies the curiosities!!

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