September 13, 2007

September 12 of 12

Hooray! After two months of being out of the country on the 12th, I was finally in Spain and with my computer! I had a fairly busy day as well, so hopefully things will be a bit more interesting...though not as green as Ireland from last month.

The rules for 12 of 12 are posted on Chad's site as always; be sure to head over there and check out what everyone else was doing today.

9:34; Plaza Mayor; Pueblo Nuevo

I began my day by taking Señor CC to work and then heading off to Spanish class. We had a ferocious storm last night complete with hail (larger than moth balls, smaller than golf balls). This photo of Plaza Mayor shows only a little bit of the mess left over; the streets in my neighborhood were literally covered with debris.

11:06; Plaza Mayor; Pueblo Nuevo

I dropped into the pet store (THUNK!) after class and purchased some yummy lamb and rice food for Cooper.

11:46; Sotogrande

I knew that I had quite a few errands to run today, so I stopped by the Petit Bistro and had some lunch.

12:27; Mercadillo; La Línea

My two nieces have birthdays coming up soon, so I drove down to peruse the local street market. It took forever to get down there and once I arrived I wasn't even sure they were having it! This street is usually covered on both sides by tents like the ones in this photograph. Not so much today, eh?

13:24; Carrefour; La Línea

Once my market shopping was complete I drove to the Carrefour to top up the gas tank and make a few purchases. We were desperately in need of windshield-washer fluid and black beans. I know, strange but true. This is a photo of the advertisement for the gasolinera - go me; I got 10% off my purchase today!

13:24; BONUS; Carrefour; La Línea

While taking the previous photo, I was unexpectedly dripped on by this lovely leak. Yay for rain.

14:12; Poligono; Los Palmones

Due to the lack of power to my computer (mentioned here), I have been unable to post as frequently as I would like. We need a new adapter. I found PC City. It is 120W instead of 90W and it has a European plug (of course), but it will do!

14:52; Sotogrande

See that dent right in the center of the photograph? If not, imagine one about the same size as if you poked my car with your finger and were strong enough to dent the metal. Ah, yes. That hail I mentioned earlier? Well, it decided to impact my car. Again and again. The roof is covered with those is the hood...and any surface really that was facing even remotely upwards during the storm. Great news, eh? Especially since we just got the car back after a month of being in the shop for repairs. Oh, happy are we!

15:06; Sotogrande

Cooper (Chompy-Lones AKA Pantalones Cortez) was very happy to see me when I returned to the house. So very much so that once I gave him his treat (he licked it all over BEFORE eating it...can anyone say possessive? Jeepers!) and he ate it, he promptly fell asleep. It is great to be wanted.

15:44; Sotogrande

I spent some time preparing my photographs for posting. Usually once I have that done things go much faster. Look! It's a caesura inside of a caesura! Hey, BU! I think it's high time you used one in your Museday Tuesday composition! Perhaps you can add ocean waves in the middle of it somewhere...

16:19; Sotogrande

So that you are aware that the mercadillo trip wasn't worthless (as I am sure the tent-less street photo suggests), here is a photograph of my spoils. I think the girls will like it. I have a couple of ideas about what I will add to their gifts so that they are clearly from Spain, which requires more mercadillo shopping - ugh!

16:41; Sotogrande

Once I am done with this post, I am going to spend some time watching my favorite season of Veronica Mars. I have limited television choices (my DVD collection is sparse) and I simply must have something going while I am...

16:41; Sotogrande

KNITTING! I shall be working on a project while watching VM. This is not it. I can't show it because it is a surprise to someone who possibly reads this. Just know that it is a good one! Granny knows what it is! Also, had to show you the VT that I managed. It is my first attempt at intarsia knitting, and it came out pretty good especially considering that I made up the pattern myself.

That's my day. There will be a dinner and some more work of some sort, but nothing worth documenting with photography! Hope everyone had a great Wednesday - the week, it is almost over! Thanks for checking in.

Hasta pronto,
~ CC


Poun said...

Great 12 of 12, i'm glad you could make it this month !!
and i LOVE Veronica Mars, so sad it got canceled !!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! :) Welcome back!!

Dogeared said...

I hear you on the computer troubles - they bite! Yay for being back though - the month feels incomplete when you missa 12 of 12, don't you find?

Elaine said...

What a nice VT tribute!

Zippy said...

Cooper is SOOO cute! Glad to see you back in the 12!


Bego said...

Me encantan las fotos! Los colores siempre son tan vivos!