September 12, 2007

Casa Amatller

We only took the time to gaze at the facade and step into the foyer/lobby of this building, but as I am sure you can tell from these photographs, it is amazing.

Casa Amatller is one of three on the Block of Discord in Barcelona, known for the over-the-top design of each building...and how the aesthetic of one clashes with those beside it.

What amazes me is the amount of detail in every bit of construction. No surface is left to its own devices; all are used in the overall aesthetic effect as well as that of a more minute version for those who take a closer look.

I believe it is this attention to detail and the 'something hidden around and in every corner' feeling it causes that makes Barcelona our favorite place we have visited thus far. We hope to return before we leave Spain.

Hasta pronto,
~ CC

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