September 23, 2007

Exhaustion and Editing Don't Mix

I am tired.


That is an easy one. I was lucky enough to be able to stay awake and see 3:43 on the clock this morning. I have no idea when exactly I finally fell asleep, I only know that it was after that time. Lucky. Me.

I am sure you are wondering why I was up so late. Was it because Señor CC decided that my head was a fabulously comfy spot on which to place his pillow for sleeping? Nope, not this time. Was it because Cooper decided to growl and huff (and puff and blow your house down) at the imaginary dangers that only come out at night? Nah - not last night. Well then, what was it?

Who. Knows.

I stopped drinking coffee a few months ago - about six or so - and although I have the occasional soda (usually none, and never more than one a day) or something containing chocolate, I never have problems falling asleep. Methinks the tiramisu I ate last night for dessert contained a bit o' caffeine. Either that, or my sleep schedule was just a bit hinky last night.

Where is this post going? subject:

We are invited to a casual dinner get-together this evening. I am hoping that everyone on the email invite will be able to make it. I have met most of them at least once, some of whom I know are great people with whom I do not want to lose touch after this project sails to Italy. Yes, it will. A concrete box, sailing to Italy. Good times.

Back to the dinner party.

All we were asked to bring is ourselves and whatever we want to drink, as usual. I wanted to bring something else, so I made...

Wait for it...


I know. You are ever so impressed, since I never bake. Sure, I've made things to take to school for activities and I've baked at Christmas and for other gatherings, but for myself? For Señor CC? Never. Okay - I made pumpkin pie at Thankgiving. It was yummy. But you've gotta make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, so that one doesn't count.

I love desserts. That is one reason I don't bake. Another is the fact that Señor CC doesn't eat them. Nope, he is healthy and makes good food choices and that means that if I bake, I am left to eat the whole thing. Back to reason number one: I love desserts...and therefore I would eat it...all of it. So I don't bake.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about all of this is that when I tell people that I don't bake (and explain why, etc) they immediately assume that it must be because I don't know how to...and then they inevitably proceed with their detailed explanations on how to do this or if telling me how will change my ways and I will suddenly start baking. Why is this interesting? Because I never say that I don't know how. I simply say that I don't bake. Their jump to the conclusion that I must not know how is amazingly swift and almost everyone does it. Hence: interesting. Done and done.

Proof that I have (successfully) made brownies:

ACK!!!!! MUTANT BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so here's where I attempt to tie the themes of this post together:

In my tired state, I accidentally hit ctrl+i instead of ctrl+alt+i when it was time to resize my brownie photo in photoshop elements. The result is the fantastic photo you see above. I would be very interested to see who (or what) would eat brownies that looked like that. I suppose this is where I see the silver lining in regards to the 3:43 clock sighting. If not for that, we would not all be privy to the alien brownies.

I plan to take these brownies to our friendly get-together tonight. I hope that they will be eaten, since I don't want to take them all home with me. I suppose everyone who attends will have to be the judges of whether or not I do know how to bake - I'll let you know how that goes.

For now, here is a more realistic depiction of said brownies:


Hasta pronto,
~ CC

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Arlene said...

AHJ says: These look so delicious and I am sorry Senor CC does not partake!