July 23, 2007

July 12 of 12

Unfortunately for me, the jet lag struck again. Not in its normal manner, however. This time it joined forces with the entity that is 'vacation' and completely rearranged my internal clock so that I had no idea whatsoever what day it was when I took the photographs for this post.

I can say, with the utmost honesty, that I fully believed it to be the 12th when these photos were taken. Therefore, I shall post them as if my mind was not deceived and simply carry on.

Done and done.

I spent the 12th of July in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Also, the 11th.

I flew into Atlanta, Georgia on July 3rd and joined my brother and his family at a lakehouse for the normal July 4th boating and fireworks activities. Which lake? Why, Granddaddy's Lake, of course! Honestly, any lake near my brother's house appears to be initially called Granddaddy's Lake - but that is no matter to little minds.

On Saturday the 8th we drove up to North Myrtle Beach for our annual Beach Week with Granny. This involves Granny, of course, her four children, and their respective families. I believe eighteen people attended this year.

I have looked through my photos, and I did, in fact, take quite a few on the real 12th. All of them consist of our eighteen shining faces in various groupings. Since I have no idea if anyone wants their photograph online for the world to see, I have to make do with what I've got. Besides, it was the 12th of July somewhere in the world while I was taking these photos...and for a few of them it was the 12th in Spain.

This month's bonus photo is based on the word hot, as decided by Chad, creator of 12 of 12.

My 'vacation' from Spain (HA!) version of 12 of 12 - July, 2007:

9:46; North Myrtle Beach, SC

May I introduce you to the most fabulous pair of shoes on the planet? They are fantastic indeed. I have them in three colors, but this new pair is my favorite. I can stand in them through a(n) (American) football game - including all of the pre- and post-game activities, and my feet, legs, all of me, feels fine and dandy. Or I can wear them while touring around a place like Sevilla or Granada, where one ends up walking on pavement, cobblestones, and various uneven hard surfaces all day long and feel completely fine afterwards. I highly recommend them...if you couldn't tell.

9:47; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Someone bought these for breakfast. Mmmm....sugar and fat to start the day - is there any better way?

18:24; North Myrtle Beach, SC

These dear bears have replaced Hat, so it seems. As in the Cat in the Hat. I am sure you recognize Pooh. His dancing friend is called Baby Bear. I imagine it is because it is small.

18:25; North Myrtle Beach, SC

One of my purchases from yesterday - new running attire.

18:26; North Myrtle Beach, SC

A gift for my husband - birthday and anniversary come one day after the other, so I have to be prepared with many gifts when I return from the beach.

18:27; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Ah - the shoe thief! Granted, this is a shot of her wearing her own shoes. Do not let the tiny toes and itty-bitty soles fool you. She will wear, very successfully I might add, any size shoe to any location. Sandals, flip-flops...even smelly running shoes have been known to...relocate...with the help of this one's tiny tooties.

18:29; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Ah, Sly Kat will not like this photograph. She will be thinking ewww! while the rest of us think MMmmm!

18:37; North Myrtle Beach, SC
Bonus Shot: Hot

Oh yes, they are indeed hot! It only took forever to get them going this evening. There was a bit of a breeze...

18:39; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Dad finally got these beauties on the grill...just in time for the wind to really pick up and...

18:45; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Time out - my nieces are both brown-eyed, and my brother loves the song, so here it is. Yes, they both have this shirt and they wear it on the same day.

19:04; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Back to the regularly scheduled program...just in time for the wind to really pick up and... blow so hard that umbrellas, chairs, trashcans, and anything else on the beach went flying! A massive storm came through and we had to move all of the steaks upstairs to finish cooking. We had a delicious meal regardless of the chaos. Of course, that is what beach week is really all about anyway - the chaos of our family - and we always have fun!

19:18; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Back inside after a few shots of the storm, and Brown-Eyed Girl numero uno is taking photos just like me! She uses her Mom's cell-phone...and when she fills it up, someone just deletes them all so that she can start again.

00:56; North Myrtle Beach, SC

Once we were all full from the meal, a few of us went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I enjoyed it very much and I am very happy that I was able to go see it while I was home; otherwise I would not have seen it on a big movie-screen. We got back a little late. Here's the clock right before I went to bed.

So that's it. My 12 of 12...some on the 11th and some on the 12th. Hey - I did the best that I could!! I have more to write about. I'll be completing Barcelona information soon and I have a request to detail what my visitors to Spain can look forward to doing, so stay tuned - there should be more very soon!

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