February 13, 2007

February 12 of 12

The latest edition of 12 of 12 is up at Chad's site. Unfortunately, my addition is quite boring this time around. Señor CC took the car which means that I was at home all day. Also, I was in front of the computer for much of the day doing things that normally one wouldn't photograph. Hence - my less-than-amazing 12 of 12:

7:09; Office/Guest Room

I began the day converting NEF photo files to JPEG for my computer. Of course I forgot to take any pictures of that! Instead, we can begin with what I did right after I finished: peruse the internet. I have a group of sites that I look at in tabs every morning, as do we all, and one of my favorites on the list is - surprise, surprise - the Uri!Zone.

9:43; Office/Guest Room

While traveling in November, I decided to write down what I did in the airports. No, I am not obsessed with airports or what I do on a daily basis...although these particular posts do not support that fact. Nope, I have guests coming. In fact, visitors will be here pretty much non-stop from the 10th of March until the 17th of April. Yes, I know. We are crazy. Anyway - back to the point. Most of my guests are traveling on the same flights I took in November. I wrote down what I experienced in the hopes that it will assist them in their travels.

11:36; Office/Guest Room

Two hours later I am finally done typing up my instructions. Hooray. Now all that is left is the trip back home to the U.S. - and I have two separate ones for that.

12:21; Apartment

What is a girl to do when she is tired of working on the computer? Why, clean, of course! Oh, yes. I swept the rugs (it cleans them oh so well) and then used the vacuum to get up all of the icky in the apartment.

12:22; Kitchen

The start of a yummy lunch. Not much more to say than that!

13:12; Living Room

While eating I decided to finally break open another of our television shows on DVD. This time I watched the pilot episode of 24. It was definitely different than most shows. I liked how it jumped back and forth from character to character and also how we were shown what they were all doing at the same time. They leave you wanting more, just like Alias, but so far it is not as important that I watch the next episode RIGHT NOW, which is how I usually feel about Alias.

14:18; Entry
Love, Part I

Here is the star just in from his walk around the neighborhood. He absolutely loves to be outside, and walking is definitely the favorite activity. He usually asks to go back out again before I can take off his halt collar and harness. As soon as those are off he is out cold.

14:55; Office/Guest Room

Like I said, he sleeps after his walks. I give him a Kong full of treats and once eaten, he passes out. He heard me getting the camera out and popped his head up from sleeping for this shot...he looks so out of it.

20:17; Kitchen

Hmmm...what can I say? I was having a hard time coming up with photos for this month. This is a tortilla that has been properly warmed in the oven for making a burrito. That is all.

20:27; Kitchen

Ah, yes. Here is an example of a tortilla "warmed" way past any burrito-like activity. Instead, as Señor CC demonstrates, it can now be broken into pieces for "chips". I informed him that if we were eating hummus, that would be quite nice, but that I like my burrito to move and feel like a burrito, thank-you-very-much. Oh well, it was the first time he had warmed tortillas. And they were edible. Mostly.

20:38; Living Room

As I said, I was having a hard time coming up with the pictures. So. Here is a Spanish plate. Don't let it hypnotize you. It can, you know - don't look too closely!

20:39; Entry
Love, Part II

Inside the house, the one true love of dear chompy-lones is his squeaky shoe. It is the best. From the time Señor CC gets home, Cooper is holding it, squeaking it, teasing you with it, playing with it, attempting to distract you with it, and sometimes, taking it to bed at night for sleeping. Yes. Then of course, in the wee hours of the morning, one of us will get out of bed to go to the loo and TA-DA! We will step on the offensive toy and he is up like we stuck him with a hot poker and he is ON THE JOB. That job being: Shoe? Shoe? Anyone wanna play? This is a rare occurrence, as I don't let him bring it to bed...Señor CC on the other hand...

9:54; Living Room

The blanket. It has made appearances on 12 of 12 before, though smaller. Now it is a full fifteen ounces of yarn. Only six more ounces to go and it shall be complete. Hopefully the Rrawr-Monster will like it. It is "puh-puhl", you know.

There you have it. Thirteen pictures, two sharing the esteemed bonus title of Love. I have more to write about: Austria, Granada, Jerez, Ronda, Gibraltar, etc. We shall see if I ever get around to it! Have a great day, people, and go to Chad's to see what everyone else did on the 12th!


Anonymous said...

Cool!!! Again, you have the cutest dog EVER!!!

Lone said...

Great pics. It's a very cute dog you have :o)

CondoBlogger said...

Cooper is adorable!

Dogeared said...

I love the "just woken up" photo of Cooper! Just want to ruffle that fur!

I don't know why I've not added your Blog to my regular reading list yet - I'll remedy that now :-)

Helen, Devon (12 of 12er)