February 28, 2007

27 on the 27th:

A Year in Review

On this day one year ago I turned twenty-seven years old.

I was 27 on the 27th.

I was 3 times 3 times 3.

Have I mentioned that I have great affection for the number three? It is, in fact, my favorite number. I love it in combination with any other number as well as on its own. Honestly, I like all odd numbers a good deal more than even ones. The reason for this is uncertain, but it is partly the reason for which I was married on an odd-numbered day.

I am letting you in on the crazy and I am aware of this fact.

While walking with Pantalones Cortéz this afternoon I reflected on the past year a bit. Some amazing things have happened in this year of 27 on the 27th. I have decided to commemorate the end of the year by posting about the wonders of my being twenty-seven on day 3-times-3-times-3.

We moved to Spain.

(psssssst! WE MOVED TO SPAIN!)

I ran at least three times a week for over six months.

Now I walk for an hour at least five times a week.

Señor CC and I only own one car.

I do all of the cleaning (yes, it is a wonder; I abhor cleaning).

We do not have a microwave.

We visited London for four days.

I taught Cooper-chew doggy-fantastic to walk properly.

This does not mean pull as hard as you can in an attempt to go fast.

I have carried out multiple conversations in español.

People actually understood what I was saying.

I understood them, too.

I have been to Gibraltar, Sevilla, Tarifa, Ronda and Granada.

I started Spanish class.

I visited my family more than any other year since we were married.

Rrawr-monster knows who I am.

She thinks my doggy lives with her Gran and Papa Jim.

It is the only place she has seen his photograph.

Two-toof says "Bye-bye!" to me on the phone.

I received a Nikon D50.

Oh how I love that camera.

We found Cooper-chew doggy-fantastic’s family number two.

I learned to drive a manual-shift car.

Did you read that last one?

We went to Salzburg, Austria for three days.

I have met interesting and wonderful people from Texas, Arizona, Virginia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Greece, and many other places.

I learned that Spanish people are kindhearted and friendly.

I began this blog.

My identity is morphing.

I don’t know what shape it will take.

And so, here we are at the end of a three-cubed year. I can only hope that my year of 28 on the 27th will be just as eye-opening and that I will continue to learn about myself and the world around me.


Brianne said...

Happy birthday!

BU said...

Happy Birthday!

Señora CC said...

Thanks you two!