January 13, 2007

January 12 of 12

It is time again for 12 of 12. You will be excited to know that I left the apartment today - I know I was. For more information on the rules as well as links to everyone else who is participating, head over to Chad's site. Thanks again for the wonderful idea!

6:52; Our Apartment; Sotogrande, Spain

Waking up, walking, and eating breakfast is very hard work. So difficult that Cooper just must take a nap immediately after performing said activities. Oh, the life of a chompy-lones.

9:45; Our Apartment; Sotogrande, Spain

I received the box set of these for Christmas. I recall reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a child, but I didn't read any of the others. I am reading them in their original publication order (as opposed to the chronological order according to Narnia time) because they say there are more surprises that way. It takes me no time at all to read them, of course, so I have to pace myself!

10:20; Sotomarket; Sotogrande, Spain

This is the cover for the outdoor lobby-like area in Sotomarket. I was here because I had to visit the bank to get some money to pay for my Spanish classes.

10:20; Sotomarket; Sotogrande, Spain

This colourful item is located outside the bank in the Sotomarket. I love anything that is colourful, so I had to take a picture.

12:07; Pueblo Nuevo; Sotogrande, Spain

I have just left my Spanish class. That door at the end of the hallway is where I go twice a week to improve my communication skills here in Spain.

12:19; Pueblo Nuevo; Sotogrande, Spain

This shot was taken right before I left Pueblo Nuevo to head towards the store and home. These flowering vines are popping up everywhere, and it is so nice to see some color in the winter. The cats are everywhere too, but they are common all year long, so not so impressive.

12:23; Sotomarket; Sotogrande, Spain

Back to the Sotomarket to visit the Supercor for one thing: coffee. Apparently we are out of the regular coffee, and as much as the decaffeinated tastes the same, our brains sure do know the difference!

12-47; Our Apartment Sotogrande, Spain

Mmmm...lunch from our favorite italian place in Pueblo Nuevo. Cold left-over pizza is the best. This is their version of ham & pineapple and it is excellent.

16:35; Our Apartment; Sotogrande, Spain

I was in dire need of some sleep today...or so it appears. I am fairly certain that I slept for about 2 hours this afternoon. This is a shot of the clock when I woke up.

17:34; Our Apartment; Sotogrande, Spain

I have been neglecting this particular activity for a while. I finally started working on it again today. It will take no time at all once I am consistant with it; that is the great thing about knitting - soooo much faster than other crafts.

18:43; Our Apartment; Sotogrande, Spain

I head out to the car to drive over to the pick-up-point for collecting Señor CC after work. Some of his colleagues are oh so kind as to let him ride along in the evenings so that I don't have to make another trip to the work site. Yes, it is orange. Yes, I requested that color. I love my bright orange car!

19:17; Our Apartment; Sotogrande, Spain

Bonus Picture: Something New

Oh yes, that is what it appears to be. Señor CC and I found one in Christiansburg, Virginia while traveling this holiday season, and of course we had to get it. Went into the store to buy a birthday gift for Señor CC's brother, came out of the store with gift and this. It is dangerous shopping for M...indeed.

19:35; La Cabaña; Sotogrande, Spain

This small restaurant is our favorite here in Sotogrande. They have excellent everything, from the on-the-table snacks to the coffee that you can order after dessert. Mmmm....


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. Your dog is TOO cute!!

Helen said...

That pizza looks good, especially when I'm hungry, like right now!

Helen (fellow 12 of 12er)

bon said...

Oh my goodness, such lovely photos! I really like your "eye" for composition. Looks like a really great day!


Bego said...

wow, what a lovely town. your pictures are beautiful (even the orange car)

Zippy said...

Yum...more delicious looking food...I need to go on dinner break!

Great 12!

BU said...

Chompalones looks like a very shaggy seal.

Arlene said...

These are really interesting and very nicely done. You have a great eye for photography and a great camera!! I want to eat at La Cabana sometime - say, March!