March 22, 2009


Of contentment.

Although short-lived, at least it occurred.

Last night I finished reading Killer Heat by Linda Fairstein. Her books are very good and perfect because I can put them down to deal with LMIB if the need arrives.

Tonight I finished reading Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben. Mom left a couple of his books here when she visited at the beginning of the month. She told me they are easy reads and boy are they ever. 343 pages and done in less than half a day. I started reading at about 1 pm, and my afternoon and evening were filled with the usual: baby, poopy diaper, baby, wet diaper, dog, cooking soup for dinner, baby bedtime, eating, etc.

I enjoyed it; the main character is silly witty and it is a nice change from the books I usually read...although I mostly read suspense/detective type books...which this never mind.

Regardless, I read two books this week.

Fun for me.

More later, I hope.

Hasta luego...

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