October 14, 2008

12 of 12 October

I attempted to have a 12 of 12 that is not all photos of a certain baby. I tried, I really did. I did not succeed, mostly because I forgot to take photos in the afternoon and evening. Oops. Anyway, thanks to Chad for the brazilliant idea. All photos were taken in Houston, Texas. Here you go; my 12 of 12 for October:

8:22 am; I woke up this morning to this ensemble. Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl was up, happy, freshly diapered and changed into her clothes for the day. Thank you, Rocket Man!

8:25 am; On the weekends we go for walks in the morning. While we were getting ready, making coffee, and changing clothes, we placed RTC in her bouncy seat. She loves to talk and talk in the morning after she is fed.

8:26 am; Cooper had a haircut on Thursday. We let the groomer give him a real 'do instead of just shaving him for the heat. She had not done a Lakeland Terrier before and she went off of a description, not a photo. I think he looks pretty good considering those circumstances. He agrees.

8:27 am; Remember how I said she likes to talk? Well, new on the List Of Things I Can Do is this. It is her mouth-trumpet; she imitates her Dad after he plays his.

12:24 pm; Ahhh, Okami. I heart Okami.

12:27 pm; Mmmm - goldfish. Pretty soon I'll be carrying containers of these with me everywhere I go. Unfortunately for RTC, she'll have to share. We'll call that a learning experience, yes?

12:41 pm; Look at me! I can stand!

12:41 pm; Ooohhhh - I see my ceiling fan! I heart ceiling fans.

12:42 pm; Daddy is so funny.

12:42 pm; Cooper: I'm not looking at the baby. Squeaky football? What squeaky football? Not looking, not looking, not looking...

12:43 pm; RTC: I've already been petting that noisy animal today, do I have to stand here and look at him too? No way, people! I shall look....over there!

3:08 pm; RTC spends her free time shoving her hands and any toys she can get a hold of into her mouth and grabbing her feet. She desperately wants to put her feet in her mouth as well, but she is not quite there yet. Boy does she work at it though.

So that is my day...sort of. I forgot to take photos the rest of the day, partly because RTC was a little tired and fussy from 2pm onward. Also, whenever I did get a break from her I may have played Okami. Perhaps.

Anyway, head over to Chad's to check out what everyone else did today!!


Brianne said...

What a cutie! I especially like the trumpet mouth... N kinda skipped that gem. Only did it for a day or two.

Scooter said...

What wonderful pix. Looks like RTC is going to be a gymnist!