October 2, 2007


Lots to tell, not enough time to tell it all...

First things first - that power cord problem? Oh, yeah - it still exists. I am sure that Karen knows how I feel, since she lost her modem for a while. Yes, I purchased a "compatible" AC Power adapter from PC City here in Spain. And while it was excellent at allowing my computer to run on AC power, it failed miserably in the act of recharging my computer's battery. Back to the store it went.

Remember that dinner get-together we were supposed to attend? Well, that was a no-go...for us at least. I am sure all of you who live here and read this are wondering why I went on and on about those brownies and then didn't deliver. Señor CC had to work. All. Night. Again. So the brownies were tossed into the trash where they spent some quality time with my social life.

I am almost done with Barcelona posts. There are so many of them, I know, but we really loved visiting the city, so I've got to write about it. After that is Ireland and then, of course, I now have photos, etc. from Milan, Italy. We spent most of last week there. Señor CC had to go for meetings and he took me along. There were a couple of other wives there, so I made up an itinerary and we had fun together. I think if I can manage to post about those two cities I will be caught up on the travels...except for Austria of course...

Things I did yesterday:
Cleaned apartment
Grocery shopping
Topped up the gas tank
Picked up Doggy from kennel
Washed said Doggy - boy was he STINKY!
Booked hotel for Paris (more difficult than it sounds...there are sooooo many hotels)
Called credit company (it was blocking my hotel booking, silly goose)
Planned dinner (but then didn't cook it because Señor CC didn't leave office until about 9pm)
Picked up Señor CC from work

It was a busy day. Today? I am hoping to finish up Barcelona and get started on the photos from Ireland. Then...I might scrapbook...or maybe I'll play some Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (yes, M&M, I started over last night and beat the CRABS in no time). Also, I shall run at some point. The weather, it is cool and cloudy today, and that should make for some great running.

HEY! If any of you actually read to the end of this...assuming anyone even reads this thing at all, I want to know what you want to read about. Granted, I will be writing about places I have visited...but what other stuff do you want to read about? I feel like I don't write about anything else, so ideas/desires would be greatly appreciated. Leave your contributions in the comments!! Thanks.

Hasta pronto,
~ CC

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