October 2, 2007

An Evening in Barcelona

I love desserts. We hardly ever have them because we try to be healthy. Okay, Señor CC truly rarely eats them (and if he does it is fruit or sorbet), and I take advantage of our travels to try new ones whenever I can.

Therefore, I just had to have churros con chocolate while in Barcelona. We attempted to find an appropriate restaurant, known for their chocolates and desserts, our first evening in Barcelona, but no such luck. We also attempted to go see the Font Màgica, but due to a Home Depot type home construction show going on, access was denied.

Fast-forward to Sunday evening. We had strolled La Rambla, the main pedestrian artery of the city, a couple of times during our trip and found it interesting. There were all kinds of street performers - people with marionettes, usually skeletons, dancing to music as well as guys dance-performing with a ladder - as well as flower stalls, and some excellent people-watching. While on one of these walks we noticed a sign that said churros con chocolate. Do these people know what tourists want? of course they do!

The place is called Cafè de L'Òpera, and the building has been in its current locations since the 18th century. The business has changed a couple of times, but now it serves churros con chocolate, which was what I wanted.

Just so that we are clear, the chocolate that comes to you is not anything like the hot chocolate from home. Oh, no. This chocolate is simply melted chocolate ready for you eat. It is thick and yummy. So thick, in fact, that your spoon can rest on top of it:

Churros are actually a breakfast food for los españoles. It is basically fried dough in what reminds me of the shape of play-doh when you use the fun factory. It is a very thick and heavy meal and it definitely sticks to your bones. I was only able to eat half of them because we had eaten dinner only a short while ago.

We then took the metro back to the Font Màgica, and this time we were successful! The home show was over and done with, so people were able to walk freely up to the fountain. There is a show that lasts about twenty minutes. It begins on the half-hour and comes complete with music, lights, and (of course) water.

The fountain is huge and the water can shoot up about 100 feet into the air. We were pretty far away from the fountain; I imagine that the people who get up close and personal with it get a little wet. The fountain changes shapes frequently and there were multiple color combinations. It was spectacular and a great way to end our last evening in Barcelona.

Hasta pronto,
~ CC

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