January 5, 2007

Jet Lag

Day Three

Oh how I love that feeling you bring.

What feeling?

Oh, you know.

That one where I feel sick all day...

...like I might not make it to day's end without a trip to the bathroom...

...wait, yes I will...

...oh no - maybe not...



...that feeling.

Of course, if one can sleep through the first half of the day, then one need not endure such feelings for quite as long. Unfortunately for me, today was the day that dear Señor CC decided to walk out the door without the car keys.

Logically, and practically (we are ever so practical, the two of us) the house key is on the same keyring as the car key. Hence, quiet knocking ensued...immediately.

As any doggy would, and mine quite emphatically, Chompy-lones decided to be sure that I could hear the knocking by employing his short, practical alert system.

I must give him credit, however. A good doggy was he who only barked, quietly for him, I might add, until he knew I had gotten out of the bed. Then he simply waited for me to see to the situation. Yes, good doggy indeed.

A result of a few things we are doing differently around here...

What is a girl to do when she is up and about, and feeling wonderful, just like today?

Why, make the most of it, I suppose.

Here then, are the pictures I was able to take because I was up:






Simply because I feel compelled to show you (that is the plight of a doggy-owner): When he is not performing his doggy duties, he is most often engaged in this activity:



Brianne said...

Jet lag absolutely kills me. My friends back home always told me that it's worse going west, but I suffer far more coming back east. It takes me a full two weeks to completely get adjusted.

Señora CC said...

Brianne: I agree; going east is way more difficult - at least going west you don't miss out on the night of sleep. It usually hits me on day three and then sticks around for about six days. Today (Monday) is the last day. Hoorah for freedom!

Now if only I could fall asleep at a normal hour....

Wait - you say THAT is part of jet lag too?!?! ACK!! I'm dooooooomed!