December 14, 2006

My Year of 12 of 12

Today we have a compilation of this year's 12 of 12 posts. Had I participated all year, I would have one picture from each month. Unfortunately I only made four 12 of 12 posts. I chose three pictures from each of the four months and posted them with their original descriptions. I arranged them in order according to time of day and notated the month as well. Thanks, Chad. Enjoy, everyone!

8:23; September 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain

I watch this every morning on my terrace.

8:37; December 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain

When I return from taking Señor CC to work, Chompy-lones is taking a brief morning nap. Here he is sporting his new VT football jersey - he so tough.

8:57; December 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain

Some of my favorite things this time of year are the wonderful smells associated with the holidays. Although I do not have a live tree, they do smell great. I also enjoy the smell of the baked goods and of course the Christmas dinner. Here is my sleigh of smell-goods that I leave out for the season. They smell a lot like the "Cranberry Chutney" Yankee Candle - my favorite.

10:09; October 12, 2006

Málaga, Spain

Here is the front of Terminal Two. This terminal handles all check-ins and 90% of the arrivals. This is just about the only view where you cannot see all of the construction going on to enlarge the facilities.

10:17; August 12, 2006

Pub; London

We took a short walk through St. James's Park and then went over to Buckingham Palace to collect our entry tickets for that afternoon. We passed this pub on our way to the tube at Victoria Station.

10:39; August 12, 2006

Westminster Abbey; London

Westminster Abbey is indescribable. There are crypts on display and grave markers underfoot. One can follow the progression of artwork through the centuries by simply walking from room to room. No pictures are allowed inside, but the exterior of the building hints to its greatness. Two hours of awe later, we happened upon this garden at the Abbey. The fountain and foliage make for a peaceful place. The ironwork in and around the building is amazing.

11:51; October 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain

I don't really know yet what, if anything, goes on over here for Halloween. I am suspecting that many tricks are carried out by the local bird community. I do know that there is SOMETHING in our chimney and that it is tormenting our doggy-chomp to pieces. A ghost? A zombie? An over-sized spider? Or...oh, my...another stinking BIRD?!?!?!?

11:55; December 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain

This hand-made/painted ornament is what Señor CC chose as our reminder of Salzburg. We have pictures (of course) and some other things, but we both enjoy purchasing ornaments. When we decorate the tree each year it is so fun to remember where we've been.

13:01; October 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain

Soon chompy-lones realizes that I am not "working" and asks me to play. With this...his so-called "bestest of the bestest fantabulous toys in the whole ginormous universe"...he IS just a doggy. And it still squuueeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkksssss. So...yay.

17:56; August 12, 2006

Wellington Arch; London

This arch, planned by King George IV, was once a gateway into the city from the west. It was moved in 1882-3 because the road needed to be widened. It served as a police station (the second smallest) at one time, but is now a museum.

20:05; September 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain bean and chicken burritos.

21:23; September 12, 2006

Sotogrande, Spain

The only golf I play.


Helen said...

What a lovely sunrise in that first photo!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love the pic of Westminster. I adore that place!!

delightfully mediocre said...

Oh my gosh, your pictures are beautiful. I love the gate, and the sunrise. Nice!