January 24, 2009

Speaking Of

I poured myself a bowl of cereal this morning - mini-wheats: choice. Also: na-nang. - and noticed perhaps the most ridiculous thing ever: an advertisement. It was right there on the milk jug. Seriously? They've invaded the milk industry? Why on earth? It wasn't even a decent add. Nope, it was for something completely unhealthy. At least it was for a food product instead of, say, electronic equipment. Ridiculous.

Speaking of, see these cookies? They're sitting in a tin in my kitchen.

Yup, they're Christmas cookies from family. You are absolutely allowed to think 'gross' since they've been there for about two months now. Why on earth? Well, right before we traveled for the holidays, Rocket Man and I got rid of whatever was left in the cookie tin. We don't really eat much of them, and by we I mean me, since he eats zero. These cookies? They were the few that Rocket Man told me to keep because he was going to eat them. HA! As usual, he has eaten zero cookies. So there they sit, waiting for him to throw them out. My reason for throwing those that were left away was two-fold. For one, I doubted they would be much good once we returned, and two: Lookin' Fine in 0-9.

Speaking of, here is our dinner from a couple of nights ago:

Tilapia with some herbs and white wine, tomatoes and mushrooms. Long-grain brown and wild rice. Greek salad without the Greek olives. What is with H-E-B not having the Greek olives? Wal-Mart has them, but not H-E-B. Perhaps they should rethink their catch-phrase: Here Everything's Better.

Speaking of, things have been going much better in the house of everyone's sick (H-E-S). We were all ill up until the 18th or so, but now most of us are feeling better. Little Miss Itty Bitty has been taking really good naps the past week or two, which is very nice because then I get to sleep as well. I think it is because she is oh so close to crawling; she practices every day. Well, unless her teeth get in the way. Then she chews on whatever she can find.

Speaking of, guess which of my two 'children' I found attempting to chew on the leg of the bed yesterday? If you are thinking the dog, you would be wrong. It took her a while to figure out how to get her mouth to the leg without her big noggin getting in the way, but by golly she got it. Mmm, bed-post. Tasty indeed, but very silly looking.

Speaking of, remember that stocking I made...the one that I failed to check the tension on before completing? Here it is:

...and here is a shot that shows you a little better how very long it is:

Long and skinny. Jeepers. Silly looking indeed. At least now I know what I shall do to make a better one. Shorter, but not skinnier. I shall also move the ginger-bread girl over a tad so that her foot doesn't get stuck in the seam. Hopefully I'll be able to do that before next Christmas. We shall see, as LMIB keeps me pretty busy.

Speaking of, she's awake from her itty bitty morning nap, so I need to go and rescue her from her fishy swing. Hope everyone's having a good Friday and Happy Weekend!


Brianne said...

That meal looks way too healthy. I admire y'all's discipline.

Running On Fumes said...

Oh, man. That dinner is very deceiving. Well, not too bad, I guess. We absolutely don't eat like that every night. If we did, I wouldn't need a motto for this year. I have GOT to start running and some weights. Jeepers.

Brianne said...

How's your runner's knee? Any better? Best of luck in 09, I've got a lot of work to do as well. Have mysteriously gained back 5 pounds since I lost the preg. weight, and no, I don't think it's muscle mass. That has never rung true with me. So now I have at least 10 lbs, if not 15, to lose. Awesome. As you know, as a small woman, that is VERY HARD to do. I'm hoping that once I quit nursing my body will stop globbing on to fat quite as easily.... who are these people whose baby weight drips off through their milk? Yipes. Certainly not me.

Jenky said...

Seriously, it's four cookies!!!! Be a man and take them down. We both know who made them. Throwing them out is sacriligious. Get on it.

Paula said...

OK......haven't "heard" from you here in a while.......don't want to say I am worried but.....