January 19, 2009

The Gun Show

Late, late, late one evening, just after we returned from Virginia, but just before we all looked death in the eye (thank you, rhino-virus) Rocket Man received a special delivery:

It completes his trifecta of workout equipment.

He began with the Iron Gym:

and was given these to amp up the work-out goodness:

By way of family, we used our Christmas presents (The campaign: Money, Please in '08...which a few companies and/or banks took as their motto as well it appears) to purchase these fabulous weights:

They come in 5-pound and 2.5-pound increments. We, and by we I mean he, opted for the 2.5 version just in case I am ever inspired.

Overall, he is very happy with everything.

Oh. So. Happy.

Your invitation should arrive in the post any day now...

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