September 15, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike

We are safe.

We spoke with our neighbors and our house made it through the storm fine.

There is a lot of tree and plant debris in our yard, but other than that the exterior appears to be fine.

A neighbor a few houses down had a pine tree bust in their bathroom window.

There is no power. I assume there is also no water.

We are in a hotel near Austin; a different one than the one we went to on Friday.

We started home and were told not to come because of the lack of water and power everywhere.

There is a 50% chance we'll be sent to Dallas by Rocket Man's employer until things are restored.

We'll hopefully find that out tomorrow.

I am not looking forward to driving to Houston and then to Dallas all in one day.

Neither is Pantalones Cortez or Little Miss Itty Bitty.

LMIB has done well; Lones has struggled a bit.

Hopefully we'll get some rest tonight.

Happy Birthday to BU tomorrow!!!

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Brianne said...

Glad you're all safe!