September 24, 2008


Last night Little Miss Itty Bitty went to bed shortly after 10pm. She then woke at about 11pm needing some who knows what. Cuddling? Help getting totally to sleep?

I provided the latter and it seemed to work.

She pretended like she was going to wake up at 3am, but got herself back to sleep. She woke at 6am for reals and ate. She was then up for a wee bit and is now napping.

WOOT for sleeping from 11 until 6;
I am so very amused.

As far as acrobatics go, there was obviously no middle of the night gymnastics practice this time. However, I put her down with her head at one end of the crib at 11 and when she pretended to wake up at 3 she had done another 180...a forewarning, perhaps?

My guess: tonight she'll be up again, just to show her versatility...

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Brianne said...

Isn't it hilarious how they lap the crib before they can even crawl? Thanks for you comment, btw. I will email you some time, do I have the correct email ( Not sure if you got my last email about the running stroller.