December 13, 2006

December 12 of 12

Goodness! I've been missing; I know. There was some frantic present-making after my last post which was followed by a long trip home (woot!). That trans-Atlantic trip demanded a week of recovery and then Señor CC and I were off on yet another trip (ack) to the city of Salzburg (more on that later) for Christmas.

Aside from causing me to use an abundance of parenthetical asides (apparently) in my writing, my trips were fabulous.

Now that I am home, unpacked, and done with the piles upon piles of laundry (mostly) I can finally get around to updating for the audience (that means you, BU! (as well as Booty and Amber)).

Here is my 12 of 12 for December, as requested by Chad. By the way, he has added an extra post this month which should be loads of fun for all. If only I had started doing this in January! Oh well - there is always next year.

7:39; Sotogrande, Spain

Why yes, it is the 12th of December already. I have been so busy lately that the time has flown. Señor CC and I go home, together this time, in less than two weeks. We lurv flying, especially over the Atlantic Ocean.

7:41; Sotogrande, Spain

This amazing fish is Cooper's new favorite toy. Well, mostly. Truthfully the shoe still holds the key to his happiness, but in times of necessity, the fish will do. I brought home no less than five squeaky toys my last trip; this was the absolute winner, paws down. In fact, he could smell them in my luggage, took to rooting about for them, and wouldn't stop until I placed them all on the floor in a pile for inspection. The fish, the only one from a pet store, was the "best" smelling...I wonder why?

8:37; Sotogrande, Spain

When I return from taking Señor CC to work, Chompy-lones is taking a brief morning nap. Here he is sporting his new VT football jersey - he so tough.

8:56; Sotogrande, Spain

One interesting thing about living in Spain is the absolute seasonal availability of most products. Only at Christmas time can you purchase a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts, any dried red fruits (strawberries and cherries...and no, they don't have dried cranberries), chocolates, and the very popular jamon iberico. One item I especially enjoy is the clementines...mmm.

8:57; Sotogrande, Spain

Some of my favorite things this time of year are the wonderful smells associated with the holidays. Although I do not have a live tree, they do smell great. I also enjoy the smell of the baked goods and of course the Christmas dinner. Here is my sleigh of smell-goods that I leave out for the season. They smell a lot like the "Cranberry Chutney" Yankee Candle - my favorite.

8:59; Sotogrande, Spain

Back in July I told my Mom that I would like to have a turquoise coloured purse. She, being organized and 'with-it' on the Christmas present front, promptly wrote that item down on her list and commenced searching. Apparently she searched and searched...much like the little bird in Are You My Mother? except with a little less mother and a little more "Does this purse come in turquoise?"...and also unlike the book - she searched to no avail. The only turquoise purse she was able to locate was the one you see above. It easily fits into the palm of my hand, and shall therefore be used not only as the key chain it was intended to be, but also to hold my one euro coins for the shopping cart at the grocery store. Yes, in Spain you get your cart with a euro...and then - imagine this, everyone - you (and get your coin back as well). Brilliant - no shopping cart dodging in the parking lots!

9:40; Sotogrande, Spain


You take your peanut butter and you spread it, you spread it, you spread it, spread it, spread it...then you eat it, you...

Also starring: honey, clementines, and coffee.

10:30; Sotogrande, Spain

Ah, one of my favorite ornaments. A gift from Ray of walking-on-her-hands fame. She is coming to visit next April, and it shall be so much fun! I imagine that she will not be walking on her hands in Spain...but I suppose you just never know.

11:26; Sotogrande, Spain

Those piles upon piles of laundry I spoke of? Well, three loads were washed on Sunday when we returned from Austria, and four more were done today. Yes - we had a lot of dirty clothes. Eww. I took some time today to move my summer clothing into drawers and my winter clothing to the shelves and hangars you see here. I haven't had to do a clothing switch like that for over three years now. Yay for colder weather - how I've missed thee.

11:55; Sotogrande, Spain

This hand-made/painted ornament is what Señor CC chose as our reminder of Salzburg. We have pictures (of course) and some other things, but we both enjoy purchasing ornaments. When we decorate the tree each year it is so fun to remember where we've been.

12:29; Sotogrande, Spain


Not a culinary masterpiece, but yummy still the same. Whatever is in that pot? Why, water and seasoning at the moment. It soon became my first attempt at instant mashed potatoes...and they weren't half bad! I seem to want something warm for each meal these days. It is quite chilly in my brick, cement and marble (no insulation) apartment. Cooper agrees, hence the VT jersey.

14:00; Sotogrande, Spain

I spent some time after lunch wrapping the few presents we have for our 'Spanish' expat. family. Some of them included treats and squeaky toys for the dog. Yes, all of those other toys he deemed unworthy of his attention at first sniff are now wrapped up for Christmas fun. Unfortunately he could smell the rubber again and almost began unwrapping them a few days early! They are now hidden in a closet where wii doggies(that was for you, Brian!), no matter how tough, can go. The treats? Why, they are still under the tree; he could care less about those. A food-driven doggy I do not have...attention is all the rage!

Yes, I leave you at 2:00 pm this December 12th. The remainder of my day was a visit from KS including showing of Salzburg trinkets and pictures as well as the finishing of that laundry - woo hoo! Obviously I have spent some time doing this, and as I am not exactly technologically wizard-like, it takes me longer than most. There was a little doggy feeding and walking and soon there will be a dinner to serve. That is all for now; tomorrow there will be more, so check back in!


fraup said...

Your dog ist ADORABLE!!! :o)
Steffi (from Germany)

Chad said...

Great pics!! Spain!! Wow!

Thanks for being the first this month!


Helen said...

Awww, Cooper's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Love the doggie!! Great pictures!!

Brianne said...

In Canada we also do the whole putting the money in the cart so people will bring them back thing. Except we plug them with loonies, not euro.

Zippy said...

LOVE your dog!! Steals the show!