February 5, 2012

Talking, talking, talking

I've had everyone and their Momma asking for more photos.  Oh, and one person in particular who ordered me (yes, ordered) to post more photos.

Sheesh!  The nerve of some people!  ;-)


Here are some more photos of Miss Charlotte for your viewing pleasure.

Here she is getting ready to talk.  She gets all smiley and grins and then sticks her tongue out a bunch like she's gotta warm it up or something before she gets into the difficult task of talking.  Then, oh then, she starts talking to you.  No coo-ing or baby-talking from this one.  Nope.  Sometimes she's kinda quiet and makes a few ooohs and aaahhs, but mostly she is just very definitively talk.ing.

This would be the super-concentrating-on-getting-my-point-across face.  She makes it frequently.  As in all day when she talks to you.  Which is, in fact, all day long.  I never thought a child could talk more than Elena.  I am so incredibly wrong and we are in so much trouble.  So.  Much.  Trouble.

As an example:  I went to bible study this week and we are watching lessons given by a man.  Charlotte loves to hear men talk as most babies do.  Therefore, for the entire video, she talked right back to him.  I'm not talking the occasional sound or anything gentle or quiet.  Nope.  This was purposeful and loud.  It was all any of us could do to watch and listen to the man and not get all distracted by Charlie.  Not to mention that I was debating clamping my hand over her mouth in order to dampen the sound so that I could hear what he was saying.   Gripped by the Greatness of God, indeed.  Man, was she gripped!

In addition to talking more and much sooner than her sister, she is also using her hands in a much more purposeful and controlled manner much earlier than Elena.  Recently she began batting her toys back and forth on the play mat and then right after that she was grabbing them and putting them in her mouth. Her hands are her best friend and those feet, if only they were closer, she'd be grabbing them as well.

Here she is mid-hand-eating, hanging out in the laundry basket.  Yes, I put my children in the laundry basket.  How else will I carry the laundry and my child from one room to another?  She finds this mode of transportation very interesting and somewhat confusing as it is so different from the norm.  It passes baby-inspection because, as you can see, the hands - they are accessible.  Also, her feet can tap on the sides of the basket.

What, that isn't how you judge your transport?  What is wrong with you?


Brianne said...

What. A. Cutie.

Pavlas Family said...

She is a cutie!!!! Thanks for posting some pics.....and for calling me out for ordering them!!!! hahaha We need to chat soon.....I miss hearing your voice. Take care over there and stay warm......and enjoy that snow!