February 5, 2012


We came back to a bit of snow this January. Basically, it is about as tall as Elena, and for those of you who have no clue on that one, she is just about forty inches tall. I've taken some photos to attempt to show you how much snow we've got and what we do in order to go out in it.

First up: snow gear. Here is Miss E in her Ooh-La-La purple snowsuit complete with hat from her Christmas stocking (thanks, Santa!).

She and her Daddy went out to sled down the hill. We have these sleds that are basically seats on skis. One adult and a small child can fit on it. It has a steering wheel and brakes. Since the snow is completely packed on the road (at least 6 inches that won't come off until breakup in the spring) these sleds go really fast. E belly-laughs every time and it is good fun indeed.

Here they are walking on our sidewalk to the street. Keep in mind that for this photo I am above them by about 2.5 feet.

Here is another view of that same sidewalk and the path to the street:

Just in case you're having a hard time figuring out how much snow we have, here is another shot.  This one is what I see when I look out the window when I'm at the computer desk.  That's right, the snow is up to the window if not a little above it.  This is just the beginning of the snow, too, I hope (I want lots and lots!).

I am sure you are wondering what we do with the wee one when she goes outside.  We don't have a snow-suit per se, but a warm-and-snuggly-suit.  It is in no way water-proof, but it is somewhat wind-proof and definitely warm!  Also, it is way too big for her right now...but hey, bigger is better than too small!

An up-close shot because helloooooo - it is super cute...

Sometimes I put her in the stroller, but when she's in this get-up I usually put her in the Bjorn and then put my long coat on over both of us.  Mostly this works out just fine.  One result is that she gets so warm and cozy that she can't help falling asleep.  Then we get photographs like this:

More to come, if I can find the time and blogger cooperates, so stay tuned!

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KS said...

I enjoyed the snow scenes. What a change from Houston! Your girls are growing and changing so fast. Adorable pictures! Thanks for all the updates. The Valentines were really cute! I hope blogger continues to be kind to you because we love seeing all your smiling faces.