October 31, 2010

Name That Movie

Now I look like I've gone and had a really bad boob job. I'd say about three sizes too big. I mean, people, I don't even have to bend over to have some spectacular cleavage. If you know me, then you know this is far from normal.

While the added...oomph...might normally be appreciated, there is no relief in sight. Right now they are taking the physical form of rocks. And by that I mean hard as.

Painful does not even begin to describe the situation.

It definitely gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Over-the-shoulder boulder-holder."

Surely you know what movie that one is from?


Paula said...

Little Monsters??????? Movie quote searches are helpful!

Love you

Pavlas Family said...

All I can say is.......BEACHES!! I love me some Bette!

As for the boob situation, welcome to my world, Paige....see, I'm always telling folks that big fun bags aren't all they are cracked up to be!!

I hope they get back to normal soon....I remember that hard-as-rock feeling. Get them in a hot bath or on a heating pad. I also remember Shane going to Walgreens one night b/c I was hurting so much I was crying....he came back with some circular pads with a hole in the middle that you heated up in the microwave.....ahhh, those were nice.

Brianne said...

Oooohhhh, I know that pain all too well. Hope it goes away soon. I've heard something about using frozen cabbage leaves?! Maybe I've got that wrong, but I think the freezing part is valid to provide some relief and stop the milk. I tried using heat as relief a few weeks ago and ended up leaking all over the place. Awesome.

EG said...

Back in the 50's and 60's when nursing was out of fashion they used to give women something to dry them up. Is that drug still around?