August 12, 2010


  • I've used my bread-maker a few times.  The bread is way yummy, but if I eat a bunch of it there will be problems for sure.  Hopefully I can make a bunch and start freezing it for Rocket Man so that while we are home for forever he'll have some to eat.  We'll be gone for about sixteen weeks, though and he eats a loaf a week easy...I doubt I will make that many.  Luckily it is very easy to use, so he should be able to make some on his own as well.
  • Wednesday night I made meatballs.  They were fabulous.  I am planning to make a bunch of those and freeze them as well because dude, I could eat them whenever.
  • Tonight I made Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp for those of us over three feet tall.  Everyone loved it, even Miss Thing.  I had to tell her we would keep what was left in her bowl and she could eat it tomorrow in order for her to get down from the table.  Messy meal indeed.
  • While making said pasta, I happened to leave the baggie with the parm-regg in it on the counter...where my child got it.  I hear "Mmmmm, yummy!" about three times before I turn around to see her taking bites off of the chunk.  Awesome.
  • Soaked beans today for some slow-cooker goodness tomorrow.  Let's hope they turn out yummy since I want to freeze some of them as well.
  • What?  We are two and a quarter people; we don't eat that much.
  • Except for Rocket Man, who always eats dinner and then immediately (as in, before I can clear the table) makes himself either a bowl of cereal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • For reals.
  • A baby gate is up to block Miss Thing into her room for the night.
  • I plan on having a backup sound machine ready for those of us who enjoy sleeping at night.  You know, just in case there is some screaming later.
  • Miss Thing has a set of alphabet cards.  One animal whose name begins with each letter.  Y is for Yak.  She is really into singing right now.  One of her daily songs is "The Wheels on the Bus",   although she is way more interested in the people/animals on that bus than the bus itself.  Did you know dogs, cats, cows and elephants ride the bus?  Apparently so.  Also, she rides the bus.  So we sing about Mama, Daddy and her.  I've told her that she goes "yakkity, yakkity, yak".  Surely you can see where this is going:  "W is for wolf."; "X is for X-Ray fish."; Y is for [Name] goes yakkity, yakkity, yak!"
  • There is no better example of the fact that learning occurs when you can attach something new to something you already know.  Thank you, Dr. Sochinski, for continually drilling that one in.
  • HAMSters, unite!
  • You will only get that if you were a music major at VT...
  • Apologies.
  • Making the implicit explicit.
  • Again, sorry.
  • We're getting closer to purchasing a ticket for our flight home.  We are weighing price versus ease of travel/travel time.  I will be even more huge and I will be taking the screamer with me, so I vote for ease and short travel time.  We'll see if I can justify that with the price...
  • Let's hope so 'cause dude, it is gonna stink no matter what!
  • My brain is turning off, which must mean that I don't have anything else to say.
  • Riiiiiight.
  • Perhaps I'm tired from all of the NOT SLEEPING.
  • I'm out!


Brianne said...

That's a lot of impressive cooking - have been wanting to do this "bean-soaking" thing but don't really know how. We plan to do a bunch of freezing before I'm due but with this heat we've been eating mostly boiled egg whites and/or grilling.

Bean Delphiki said...

Rocket Man on the bread maker? Kulak Please.

As one who has swept in on a ill-fated rocket-prepared Zatarain or two during my college career, I can say with certainty that it would be safer if you taught Miss Thing to shout bolshevik slurs at the townspeople.

But if he does give it a shot, please send the formless mass of flour and eggs to Pennsylvania ...I'll eat it.

Also, did you get that shipment of crayons we sent. We never got a Thank You card...just a strang message from таможенный суд. I couldn't understand most of it, but it was mostly your last name followed by "burzhui" over and over again.

...Let me know if that means I'm supposed to send you more crayons.